terça-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2011

Hello there =D

Well, where should I start?
I've stopped to post in this blog because someone once told me this blog was too down... I was talking to an old friend, that actually I don't have talked so much as I should, but I think it doesn't mean she isn't my friend anymore because if she needs me I will be right here for her and I think the opposite it's right too. Anyway, she isn't just a friend but in this case another person who identify herself as someone who find a little of her inside in this blog, she isn't the first person who said like the things I have wrote in this blog and have indentify herself on here.
I think it's good to read something that seems to the feelings we have hide inside ourselves and fell we are not alone and we are not the only ones who pass trough to some hard situations, read about any possible ways to fight against something and how to stand up and deal with things. So, maybe I never thought about being this person who awakens some feelings in others person through the writing. But now I think I'm one of this persons and I think I should not stop writing in this blog... I hope it isn't a mistake, and I'm glad for that persons who one day indentify themselves here in this blog, because we all have bad feelings and hard moments but what makes difference is how we deal with it, some people write like an outflow, some people listen music, some people cry and some people read, all of people looking for some way to relieve the pain... So if we had the opportunity to outflow and in the same way make some good to other people, why to stop?

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